We love lock-related questions, especially when they involve hot topics.  One such topic is smart locks.  There are a variety of smart locks (also called keyless door locks) available on the market.  But before you purchase some for your home or business, you may what to know the answer to a pressing question:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using smart locks?

Our team at Best Locksmith installs all sorts of locks including smart locks.  You may find the following information useful in helping you make a wise decision about purchasing them.

Advantages of Smart Locks

The benefit of not having to carry and keep up with a key is so appealing that it the leading reason why many opt for smart locks.  Undeniably, it is convenient not to have to worry about losing, misplacing, or damaging a key.  With a smart lock, there is no need to secure spare keys or to hide them somewhere on your property (a strategy that many criminals bank on).

Another benefit rests on the ability to control entry into your home.  You can provide an entrance code to your property for certain individuals such as housekeepers, plumbers, maids, etc.  These codes can expire at a given time, and they will be different for each person which allows you to know when they entered and left your home.

Disadvantages of Smart Locks

A drawback of smart locks involves the human propensity to forget.  If you can’t remember your code, it will be impossible to gain entry into your home quickly.  What is more, many smart locks have a provision where the police are alerted if the wrong code is entered too many times.

Additionally, if the power is interrupted the lock could become disabled.  Some smart locks come with internal battery sources, but in extreme cases like floods or hurricanes where power is disconnected for weeks, this could present problems.

Do you have other questions about smart locks?  Feel free to give us a call. We are always available to help!

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