Throughout Dallas and its surrounding communities, forced entries (or break-ins) are on the rise.  Professional burglars have access to more information than ever, and some use it as training to improve their craft.

At Best Locksmith, we help our customers to understand what smart criminals are looking for when they scope out homes and businesses.  Here are a few of the tips that we share about setting advance measures to deter, slow, and minimize theft.

High-Security Locks

Burglars use a variety of methods to get past locks.  Some of the most common techniques include:

  • Lock Bumping. Prepared thieves use a particular key known as a 999 or rapping key to open the cylinder and deadbolt locks. The key is wiggled into place to slowly interact with the pins of the lock while the key is physically bumped to open the lock.
  • Lock Drilling. As the name suggests, criminals use a handheld drill to disable the lock.
  • Lock Picking. Lockpicking is the quietest but most challenging way to get past a good lock.  However, a cheap lock is a cakewalk for an experienced lockpicker.
  • Lock Snapping. Doors that have cheap or light locking handles can be manipulated in seconds. With the right tools, a burglar can tear into the lock to access the locking mechanism.

We carry a variety of high-quality security lock that resists all the above lock disabling tricks.

Secure Windows

Windows are another access point that some thieves use to get into a home or business fast.  Unless there is a lot of noise nearby to mask the window breaking, burglars mostly use this method as a smash and grab.  To slow or deter their entry, use items like window security film and hedges near windows.  An audio and video security system is also an active deterrent.

Remember, intelligence has nothing to do with a person’s character.  Smart criminals are continually looking for the easiest victims they can find.  Is it time to upgrade the security of your home or business?  If so, give us a call for a security audit.

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