Locksmiths account for a $3 billion business in the United States. These pros offer all sorts of services, but duplicating keys is still one of the most common that people take advantage of. 

It’s a measure that you will need to take from time to time whether it’s for business or personal reasons. Keep reading to learn more about key duplication services that can help you out. 

Consider the Type of Key First

Start by figuring out what keys can be copied and which you need. Certain keys are straightforward, such as making a copy of a house or apartment key. Others may require some paperwork or verification, such as duplication of an automobile key. 

Today, many cars and buildings use key fobs rather than traditional keys. Take inventory of the type of key that you’re duplicating so that you can make the right decision. 

Talk to a Company That Provides Key Duplication Services

Next, turn to a company that can assist you. When you’re figuring out how to duplicate keys, get referrals or reviews from a company that can handle it for you. A locksmith can copy keys impeccably and accurately so that you get one that works correctly for years to come. 

Ask to see the locksmith’s license and insurance and make sure that they are fully bonded based on your state’s requirements. Find the help of a company that also has great prices for the work. 

Duplicating keys at a grocery store or hardware store will cost you a couple of dollars. High-quality duplicates will cost you between about $8 and $20 per key. These keys cost more but are also more secure, so consider what you need and decide accordingly. 

You might also be able to get a discount on the work if you’re making batch duplicates. 

Look Into Extras and Preferences

Key cutting is just the beginning. You can look into a variety of extras and can customize the work based on your preferences. Decide on what material you want the key to be crafted from, and figure out whether you need to furnish a copy of a leasing agreement or other document first. 

You might choose to upgrade your vehicle or building with keys that come with both traditional teeth and electronic fobs. Today, you can also get a key duplicate that comes with different styles, colors, and finishes that add cosmetic appeal. 

Key Duplication on Your Terms

The points above will help you out whenever you need key duplication. Whether you’re a landlord looking to furnish your residents with fresh keys after signing a lease, a vehicle owner that wants a spare, or a professional that needs to hand out new keys to employees, it’ll take the help of some pros that can put it all together for you. 

Let Best Locksmith provide you with the work that you’re looking for. 

We help customers all over the Dallas-Forth Worth area whenever they need locksmith services. Call us 24/7 at (214)600-9161, or use our contact form for more information. 

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