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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems Dallas, Texas

Most business facilities need some sort of access control system to restrict entry to various areas.  That could be as simple as a master key system or a few electronic locks.  Or it could include a computer system with remote access.  The latest systems deliver hassle-free security with no lost, damaged, copied, or un-returned keys to deal with.  We install and repair access control systems for office suites, malls, storage facilities, hotels, condos, supermarkets, and many other occupancies in the Dallas metropolitan area

The Many Types of Access Control Mechanisms

Think about it. Just a lock and key control access.  And master keying allows entry to most areas while denying entry to areas with expensive inventory, valuable assets, sensitive data, hazardous materials, or hazardous equipment.  But digital technology and electronic locks take access control systems to a whole new level.

High tech smart locks offer advanced capabilities such as logging to create an audit trail of door, time, date, and person.  Most systems can also be set to allow entry only during certain times.  Perhaps, more importantly, these systems make it quick and easy to add employees and change access.  With a new security risk, you can lock out codes or block all access to an area in just a couple of minutes.  And cloud-based systems let you do so from anywhere in the world over a secure internet connection.

The Best Locksmith

We’re the leading locksmith in the Dallas area with 24/7 residential and commercial services and hundreds of 5-star reviews.

We’re always up to date on the latest products and technologies.  Our knowledgeable experts will be happy with the many options to flexibly monitor and control access.  And our experience and inventory include alarms, Bluetooth wireless locks, electronic deadbolts, electric strikes, intercoms, key fobs, keypads, latches, levers, magnetic locks and deadbolts, proxy cards, push bars, and more.

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